Review Guidelines

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Here at Cat Owner Guide, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible guidance on how to care for your feline friend.

We take our responsibility of reviewing cat care products and advice very seriously because we understand just how important your beloved pet is to you. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to making recommendations and wants to share with you how we select the products and advice you’ll find in our guides.

Keep in reading to find out the guidelines we follow and practices we do not agree with!

What we do

Ensure there are regulatory authorities’ approval

When it comes to pet food, there are numerous regulations in place to ensure that it’s safe for your feline friend to eat and meets their nutritional needs.

However, not all foods are approved by every organization, which is why we take extra precautions and investigate approval ratings from ALL the relevant institutions to ensure maximum safety for your furry companion.





Dig deep into customer reviews

When it comes to reviewing cat care products, we understand that it can be difficult to determine which brands truly offer the best quality. That’s why we don’t rely solely on samples sent to us by the brands themselves.

Instead, we turn to the collective wisdom of the people by extensively researching online positive & negative reviews and reaching out to customers to understand their experiences with the products we recommend. This way, we can provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy information to help you make informed decisions about caring for your feline companion.

Examine brand history & product line

We believe that understanding a brand’s history and operations is crucial when recommending cat care products, as it can provide insights into potential risks for your furry friend.

That’s why we do extensive research, including looking into voluntary recalls, manufacturing plants and FDA warnings, brand affiliations, and any recent changes in ownership or manufacturing processes, to ensure that we only recommend products that meet our high standards for safety and quality.

Consult veterinary approval & scrutinize nutrition data

We care about your cat’s health and want to make sure they receive the best care possible.

That’s why our team of qualified vets carefully reviews the nutritional information of each product before adding it to our pages, ensuring that any product you find in our buying guides has an excellent nutritional profile that will cover all of your pet’s needs.

Consider the breed, size & age of your furry friend

To make sure we provide the best advice for your cat’s unique needs, our vet team carefully studies and confirms that the recommendations in our guides are the most suitable for each situation. Whether your cat has specific breed requirements or health issues, we have you covered with personalized and trustworthy advice.

Take your feedback into consideration

Ultimately, we are writing to make sure you and your furry friend are getting the best information. We want to make this experience as enjoyable and informative as possible, so we do read and improve our site based on your feedback. If you have a good idea, make sure to let us know!

What we don’t do

Never take sponsorships

We take pride in our editorial integrity and remain unbiased in our recommendations. While we receive offers from many brands to feature their products on our pages, we refuse such offers as we want to ensure that the products we recommend are genuinely the best options available for your cat’s needs. Our priority is always to provide our readers with accurate and unbiased information to help them make informed decisions about their pet’s care.

Go against veterinaries & regulatory authorities

We prioritize the health and well-being of cats above all else. If a vet or health authority advises against a certain product, we won’t feature it on our site, regardless of our personal opinions or beliefs. We value the advice of professionals and are committed to providing our readers with trustworthy and reliable information.

Suggest anything without thorough research

We take our article writing seriously, and we don’t just throw recommendations around. We put in a lot of time and effort to thoroughly research every topic. So if you see it on our site, you can trust that we’ve gone through all the necessary steps, and our advice is reliable.